Request for a Port Tour

1. Accomplish the SBITC Visitors Form on the space below. 

2. Wait for confirmation from the SBITC Commercial Team for the final schedule and approval of tour request. 

3. Make sure to read and understand SBITC's Port Guidelines below to ensure smooth entry at the terminal premises.

* Please be informed that onsite port tours at SBITC are scheduled on Mondays only.


Port Guidelines


For arrivals/drop-offs: For all our guests, please proceed to the SBITC Administration Lobby. Parking slots are available in front of SBITC Administration Bldg.

For late arrivals: Thirty (30) minute grace period can be extended for late arrivals. For arrivals beyond the grace period, tour will be cancelled unless allowed to push through upon the discretion of the tour facilitator

For tour cancellation: Cancellation of tour must be made at least two (2) days prior to scheduled tour.



1. One (1) Valid ID. No ID, no entry. All visitors of SBITC are required to present a valid ID before entering the terminal.

2. Own safety vest in adherence to SBITC standard 




All visitors of SBITC should observe the proper dress code.

The following attire will NOT be allowed to enter the premises of SBITC:

Sando, strapless blouses (unless worn as an undershirt), walking shorts Sandals, slippers or any open toe shoes.

Time of Visit
No Name Position Contact Number Email Address
No Type/Model Color Plate Number
Sign above
  1. Upon arrival visitors, as well as their vehicles, shall undergo standard security inspection by the security personnel before entering.
  2. Visitors must present a printed copy of the form. Only the names listed in the form will be allowed to enter the terminal vicinity. No approved access pass, no entry.
  3. Visitors must also surrender an official ID to be replaced with the SBITC Visitor’s ID. No ID, No Entry. If in group, the Lead person or representative will surrender his ID in the group’s behalf and replaced with SBITC Visitor’s ID.
  4. Security reserves the right to determine the parking area, search the vehicle and adapt all other security responses in a professional and courteous manner.
  5. Once necessary security procedures are done, visitors will then proceed to the New Administration Lobby and wait for the host or HSE Staff.
  6. Visitors are encourage to bring their own PPE (hard hat, visibility vest and safety shoes). Wear  PPE before entering terminal yard.  Sandos, slippers/open toe shoes, sandals and shorts are strictly prohibited.
  7. Visitors shall be escorted by a Security personnel while on route inside the terminal.  Visitor’s own Security Vehicle Escorts are not allowed inside the terminal.
  8. Nobody under the influence of liquor and/or drug will be permitted to enter the terminal.
  9. No smoking. 
  10. Carrying deadly weapons is not allowed.
  11. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or video recordings of the terminal. 
To Processing of Personal Information

Being a/an applicant, customer or supplier of, or any other third party transacting or dealing with, INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL SERVICES, INC. (“ICTSI”), and/or any of the ICTSI subsidiaries, affiliates, and other related companies (the “ICTSI Group”), affirm that:
  1. ICTSI and the ICTSI Group may process information about me in relation to my position. Information processed may include: name, marital status, Tax Identification Number, age, address, education, profession, business experience, business affiliation, family affiliation, number of shareholdings, directorship in other companies, government service, any information from which identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained, whether recorded in material form or not, such as CCTV footages and recordings within ICTSI and ICTSI Group premises and other information which may be considered personal and sensitive personal information (collectively, “Personal Information”) under the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Processing is any operation performed on the Personal Information, such as, but not limited to, collection, retention, disclosure, publication and destruction (“Processing”). 
  1. The Processing of my Personal Information is for purposes of: 
    1. Identification in company records and corporate housekeeping;
    2. Corporate transactions and business operations;
    3. Compliance with the requirements, including reportorial obligations, by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), relevant local government units, and other appropriate government agencies or offices; 
    4. Maintenance of security within and around the premises
    5. Compliance with legal processes or lawful orders of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, or any other government agencies and instrumentalities; or
    6. Any other legitimate business activities of ICTSI. 
  1. ICTSI and the ICTSI Group may share or disclose my Personal Information to:
    1. The SEC, PSE, BIR, relevant local government units, and other appropriate government agencies or offices;
    2. Any judicial and quasi-judicial bodies or government agencies pursuant to a lawful order; c) Any customer or port user; 
    3. Any agent, contractor, consultant, adviser, auditor, underwriters or any service provider ICTSI engages to carry out legitimate business activities or services;
    4. Any lenders, creditors, or other counterparties in legitimate business transactions; or
    5. Any other persons as may otherwise be considered necessary and appropriate by ICTSI for its legitimate business activities. 
  2. Those enumerated in Clause 3 above may also need to continue the Processing of my Personal Information for the same purposes enumerated in Clause 2 above and/or other lawful purposes. 
  3. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 prohibits the Processing of Personal Information without the consent of the data subject, unless required by law.
 I hereby freely give this specific and informed consent for the Processing of my Personal Information in accordance with the above. This consent is valid while I am a/an applicant, customer or supplier of, or any other third party transacting or dealing with ICTSI. However, I understand that I can withdraw this consent anytime by informing ICTSI in writing.